(Fish)Guts and Glory

Playa Piskado (Also known as Playa Grandi) is a favorite spot for swimming with sea turtles. It’s a surreal experience to be able to swim so close to them and while touching them is forbidden, you can get pretty close even within shallow waters.

The turtles are protected in this area and even have their own names. In case you spot one, you can easily identify it on a poster hung along the shack right by the beach. They have funny names like Pointy, Sharkbite, One Eyed Bandit and Hook. Our biggest regret that trip was not taking our underwater camera along as otherwise would have shown you the ones we met.

This beach in Westpunt is also known for the fishermen who can be spotted catching fish off their boats early in the mornings and then cleaning them in open view before selling at the markets.


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Down by the Bieu

There weren’t as many people around at the time we walked in (it was past lunchtime) but through its doors, we could see the bright patterned tablecloths and chef’s bustling at their stations as their shift was ending. Pots of all sizes were piled up ready to be cleaned and the remains of the day’s feasts were waiting for their last bidders – and we were among them.


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A Little “Bizarro”

You might walk by this place while exploring Pietersmaai and assume you have come across a flea market or maybe a funky antique shop. But look a little closer and you’ll realize you’ve entered another world and time.


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Jaanchi’s Treasure Trove

Have you ever tasted Iguana? Spoiler alert: it tastes just like chicken (not).

Well, I wouldn’t know, but John has tried it for the both of us and he probably wouldn’t have had it not been one of those local dishes of Curacao.. You know, like alligator in Louisiana or Green Kit-Kats in Japan.

So on the day we’d dedicated to driving out to and exploring Westpunt (the North-Western coast of Curacao), we decided to try it out at Jaanchie’s – a popular spot for locals and tourists.


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Mukti’s Kitchen

Starting off with a cup of home-made Masala tea, our authentic Indian cooking experience unraveled as we met in Mukti’s (actual) Kitchen in Kensington, Brooklyn. On the menu was a special meal consisting of Butter Chicken, Pakora (fritters), Aloo Paratha (Indian bread with potato stuffing), Saag Paneer (spinach in Indian cheese) and Raita (cucumbers in yoghurt). 

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The Bag: Bali

Thoughtfully-selected over the course of our recent trip to Bali, the following eight items are souvenirs we treasure and want to share with you as part of our new “What’s in the bag?” travel feature to shed a different insight about the places we visit. In a way too, they summarize some of the key highlights of our trip and things we discovered along the way.


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Daily Offerings

Canangs are daily offerings for the spirits of Bali that express gratitude towards good Gods while warding off evil ones. You’ll come across these curious little hand-woven baskets made of banana leaves throughout the island. Their content includes an assortment of coloured flowers, rice and incense, but it’s not uncommon to find in them money, candy, biscuits and even cigarettes too. Every day new baskets with fresh flowers and gifts replace yesterday’s offerings.


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