No frills or fuss, but a whole lot of personality.

“Just ask for Maguy” was all I had to go by on my quest for the quaint shack rumored to serve the best seafood in Batroun. I was intrigued, and surely enough, that was all I needed to find it. Everyone in the coastal village knows Chez Maguy’s and some of the friendly locals will even accompany you there if you’re not from town.

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Everyone’s “Day3a”

Anyone who’s originally from Lebanon will have a “day3a” (or village in English) from where they are from. With many families, the biggest clue for which village they may be from is in their last names.

Lebanese people also hold a very romantic, almost protective, approach when it comes to their “day3a”s. Your day3a is regarded as that place where you can reconnect with your roots and escape the hustle-and-bustle of daily life.


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