Down by the Bieu

There weren’t as many people around at the time we walked in (it was past lunchtime) but through its doors, we could see the bright patterned tablecloths and chef’s bustling at their stations as their shift was ending. Pots of all sizes were piled up ready to be cleaned and the remains of the day’s feasts were waiting for their last bidders – and we were among them.



Plasa Bieu (or “Old Market”) feels like a community where everyone seems to know each other – much like a familiar cafe or bar you may frequent. To distinguish the different stalls, the corresponding benches have different tablecloths. Subtle, but clear. It’s harder to distinguish the differences in food between the different stalls but I’m sure you’d be fine with any choice, especially if you want authentic Caribbean food.

The first stall – Yvonne di Plaza – was recommended so we grabbed a spot on the benches surrounded by sunflower patterns and observed the food market around us.


Loved his souvenir t-shirt.






We ordered the iguana stew and a fish dish for lunch, topped with a refreshing Zulia beer. It was a bit messy to dig through, but it was worth it for the experience. Plasa Bieu is the original “food court” (as we know it), but so much better because its real and you get to share it with locals.



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