Super Goofy

Tucked away within one of Mykonos’ busiest streets is Cafe Suisse which makes tasty crepes, ice cream, cakes and coffee. We tend to stick to local or fusion places when we travel to delve deeper into the cuisine and culture, but something drew us in. There was something different about this place so full of personality.









While its quirky dollhouse features and intricate decor are interesting on their own, it’s actually the cafe’s eccentric yet extremely friendly owner Goofy (his nickname) that makes this place special.

Goofy, a very well-know personality on the streets of Mykonos, actually sells peanuts around the clubs and pubs of the island at night. That’s how he started out and everyone loves him! He has also been featured in numerous magazines, as he will gladly show if you’re interested.

During the day, Goofy runs Cafe Suisse with his wife (who is actually Swiss).




The wooden seagulls that you’ll see hanging from the ceilings of the cafe are actually handmade by Goofy and he even ffered to customise ours if we wanted another color or size. It’s one of the few souvenirs from our visit to Mykonos we have hung onto because it was so reflective of our experience on the island and something that you don’t find everywhere either. There were people popping into the cafe as we had our breakfast just to ask about them!

Cafe Suisse

  • Tel: +30 2289 027462
  • Address: 3 Riga Fereou Street, Chora – Mykonos, Greece
  • Open until 3:30am.

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