Tins and Trinkets

Travel back in time at the Ecological and Folklore Museum in Folegandros.

Our tour guide was this energetic old lady who barely spoke English, but we spoke in hand language. She didn’t really need to explain much anyway. Most of it was self-explanatory, except for a few odd items.


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Granny’s Matsata

A short ATV ride out of Chora (the central town in Folegandros) and you’ll come across Mimis Taverna in the quaint village of Ano Meria. Run by a local family and highly recommended on several travel sites, we came hungry for their famed matsata and cheese pies.


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The Wind’s Direction

Folegandros is a charming Greek Island in the Cyclades that we spent a few days exploring during our honeymoon. It’s one of those islands where everyone literally knows everyone, including all the tourists who you bump into quite regularly on the beaches or restaurants.

That’s precisely what drew us to the island: you get the beauty of untouched beaches and a small village warmth with a tranquility you can’t get on other more touristy (or commercial) islands. It was a perfect escape!


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