Mukti’s Kitchen

Starting off with a cup of home-made Masala tea, our authentic Indian cooking experience unraveled as we met in Mukti’s (actual) Kitchen in Kensington, Brooklyn. On the menu was a special meal consisting of Butter Chicken, Pakora (fritters), Aloo Paratha (Indian bread with potato stuffing), Saag Paneer (spinach in Indian cheese) and Raita (cucumbers in yoghurt). 

It’s all about the Masala, we quickly learned, and Mukti’s “secret” recipe for it makes its way into most dishes in sparse or generous quantities, adding a hint of spice and flavor right where she needs it to.

We came out with so much more appreciation for the delicate Indian spices and for the care that is introduced into each dish.

As we were leaving (and after having enjoyed a delicious meal with the other couples present), Mukti encouraged us all to make more time to cook at home and to put love into our dishes. You taste that in the food, she emphasized. And that lesson transcends cultural barriers.

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