A Little “Bizarro”

You might walk by this place while exploring Pietersmaai and assume you have come across a flea market or maybe a funky antique shop. But look a little closer and you’ll realize you’ve entered another world and time.


Welcome to Mundo Bizarro – a world of odd, mismatched furniture pieces and art pieces that somehow all work together in a Cuban-inspired setting. And you get to experience all that while enjoying a delicious meal or signature cocktail and people-watching in one of the hippest neighborhoods of Curacao.


We’d heard plenty about this place from online recommendations and tried our best to avoid it so as to try the newer spots, but it was very hard to resist! We had lunch there one afternoon (a tasty stew) and it was by far our favorite meal on the island. Understated, but rich in flavor and the service was wonderful.






Mundo Bizarro certainly lives up to it’s hype and is worth the visit to another “world”.



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