Jaanchi’s Treasure Trove

Have you ever tasted Iguana? Spoiler alert: it tastes just like chicken (not).

Well, I wouldn’t know, but John has tried it for the both of us and he probably wouldn’t have had it not been one of those local dishes of Curacao.. You know, like alligator in Louisiana or Green Kit-Kats in Japan.

So on the day we’d dedicated to driving out to and exploring Westpunt (the North-Western coast of Curacao), we decided to try it out at Jaanchie’s – a popular spot for locals and tourists.


This popular locale has been around for more than 60 years and is named after its charismatic owner Jaanchie Christiaan. There are no menus, but he will energetically recite what the options of the day are as he makes his round of the tables.

We found the interior of Jaanchie’s to be just an interesting an experience as their food. Almost every corner is decorated with quirky collectibles and random antiques that no doubt have stories of their own to tell.

After a filling meal and complimentary ice cream, we set off for more sun and sand along the Western coast – but not before receiving a warm farewell and a colorful cloth wallet from Jaanchie. This keepsake is from a Curacao tradition and has become a cute little souvenir from this experience.


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