A Little “Bizarro”

You might walk by this place while exploring Pietersmaai and assume you have come across a flea market or maybe a funky antique shop. But look a little closer and you’ll realize you’ve entered another world and time.


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Jaanchi’s Treasure Trove

Have you ever tasted Iguana? Spoiler alert: it tastes just like chicken (not).

Well, I wouldn’t know, but John has tried it for the both of us and he probably wouldn’t have had it not been one of those local dishes of Curacao.. You know, like alligator in Louisiana or Green Kit-Kats in Japan.

So on the day we’d dedicated to driving out to and exploring Westpunt (the North-Western coast of Curacao), we decided to try it out at Jaanchie’s – a popular spot for locals and tourists.


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Granny’s Matsata

A short ATV ride out of Chora (the central town in Folegandros) and you’ll come across Mimis Taverna in the quaint village of Ano Meria. Run by a local family and highly recommended on several travel sites, we came hungry for their famed matsata and cheese pies.


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The Iskender Way

We came across this restaurant while walking through Mersin’s commercial Istiklal street. Maybe it was the crowd outside surrounding the open dessert window or maybe it was the juicy shawarma skewer rotating at the front entrance – whatever it was, we were happy we found it.


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