Mukti’s Kitchen

A few weeks ago, we learned how to cook a few authentic Indian dishes in Mukti’s (actual) Kitchen in Kensington, Brooklyn.

Starting off with a cup of home-made Masala tea, our cooking experience slowly unraveled as we prepared a special meal consisting of Butter Chicken, Pakora (fritters), Aloo Paratha (Indian bread with potato stuffing), Saag Paneer (spinach in Indian cheese) and Raita (cucumbers in yoghurt). It’s all about the Masala, we quickly learned, and Mukti’s “secret” recipe for it makes its way into most dishes in sparse or generous quantities, adding a hint of spice and flavor right where she needs it to. 

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The Wind’s Direction

Folegandros is a charming Greek Island in the Cyclades that we spent a few days exploring during our honeymoon. It’s one of those islands where everyone literally knows everyone, including all the tourists who you bump into quite regularly on the beaches or restaurants.

That’s precisely what drew us to the island: you get the beauty of untouched beaches and a small village warmth with a tranquility you can’t get on other more touristy (or commercial) islands. It was a perfect escape!

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1905 Farmer’s Market

I curiously stumbled into the 1905 Restaurant‘s Farmer’s Market on accident one day while strolling through the outer roads of Thamel.

The market was buzzing with both foreigners and locals selling home-made, organic food in little booths organized neatly around a tranquil outdoor garden. The prices are a bit more expensive there than elsewhere in the city but you can find higher quality items to add to your dishes or to take home as souvenirs, like yak cheese, candles and homemade chap-sticks.

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A Sprinkle of Soul

Saila Dai (which means “third brother” in Nepali) learned how to cook when he was a young man working in Kathmandu. It was a necessary skill that he developed to make some money working in local restaurants. Saila Dai has not had an easy life, but that’s not what this post is about. Rather, it’s about the by-product of this hard youth that actually led him to become an excellent chef today.

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