(Fish)Guts and Glory

Playa Piskado (Also known as Playa Grandi) is a favorite spot for swimming with sea turtles. It’s a surreal experience to be able to swim so close to them and while touching them is forbidden, you can get pretty close even within shallow waters.

The turtles are protected in this area and even have their own names. In case you spot one, you can easily identify it on a poster hung along the shack right by the beach. They have funny names like Pointy, Sharkbite, One Eyed Bandit and Hook. Our biggest regret that trip was not taking our underwater camera along as otherwise would have shown you the ones we met.

This beach in Westpunt is also known for the fishermen who can be spotted catching fish off their boats early in the mornings and then cleaning them in open view before selling at the markets.


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Tins and Trinkets

Travel back in time at the Ecological and Folklore Museum in Folegandros.

Our tour guide was this energetic old lady who barely spoke English, but we spoke in hand language. She didn’t really need to explain much anyway. Most of it was self-explanatory, except for a few odd items.


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The Island with One Gas Station

There’s only one gas station on the island of Rodrigues. Just one. Mauritius-6781

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A Sprinkle of Soul

Saila Dai (which means “third brother” in Nepali) learned how to cook when he was a young man working in Kathmandu. It was a necessary skill that he developed to make some money working in local restaurants. Saila Dai has not had an easy life, but that’s not what this post is about. Rather, it’s about the by-product of this hard youth that actually led him to become an excellent chef today.

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Hauntingly Enchanting

I’m not typically a fan of visiting grave cites or cemeteries when we’re traveling, but there was something intriguing about these two burial sites on the small island of Rodrigues. Both face the Indian Ocean nostalgically and both hold an assortment of tombstones revealing the various ethnicities that have lived on the island at some point or another.

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Straw Stitch

You’ll spot women across the mountains of Nepal carrying straw baskets that tie across their hips and heads. They tend to use them for collecting crops, wood or hay to bring home. I’ve even seen a few in the capital carrying bricks in them on construction sites.

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