The Island with One Gas Station

There’s only one gas station on the island of Rodrigues.¬†Just one.¬†Mauritius-6781

Can you imagine how it must be to go all the way from one side of the island to another just to refill? Now granted it is a relatively small island, but the needs of its motorists are still the same as in any island or country. The island also has quite an extensive public transport system and, as it relies heavily on fishing, plenty of boats too.

How does one gas station on an island of around 38,000 inhabitants manage to keep everyone moving about?

While walking through the capital of Port Mathurin one day, we understood one possible reason how. We noticed this small diesel truck elaborately painted with the local art motifs and it’s probably the prettiest diesel/gas truck we’d ever seen. I actually thought it was an ice cream truck from far with its beaconing colors and illustrations!



This diesel truck moves about the island, as needed, to transport the gas alternative (diesel) to those who need it. It certainly helps lessen the load on the gas station, but I still wondered if there were more of them. Maybe the islanders simply got used to it or maybe there’s more resourceful with it than we are about driving.

I still don’t know how they do it, nor how long it will last like this but it seems to be working up until now!


Shortly after we posted the link to this post on our facebook page, we received some insight as to how this works from the folks at Discover Mauritius Island:

The people of Rodrigues walk more than they drive… that might explain it!

I guess we can learn something from the island’s inhabitants and possibly apply it to our own cities.



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