Hauntingly Enchanting

I’m not typically a fan of visiting grave cites or cemeteries when we’re traveling, but there was something intriguing about these two burial sites on the small island of Rodrigues. Both face the Indian Ocean nostalgically and both hold an assortment of tombstones revealing the various ethnicities that have lived on the island at some point or another.


There was also a very personal touch to each of the tombstones. Some were brightly-colored and decorated – even containing some personal belongings close by – while others were more classical in form but the engravings on them held equal intrigue of the stories behind them. Almost all of them were complemented by plastic flowers.

We were haunted yet equally drawn to the sites. These tombstones, to the outsider, serve as silent, historic artifacts of this island and its people. We left with more questions than answers that day, but enjoyed exploring the little clues left on each tombstone.










Reference Point: These sites are located in the northern Anse Aux Anglais part of Rodrigues island.


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