Granny’s Matsata

A short ATV ride out of Chora (the central town in Folegandros) and you’ll come across Mimis Taverna in the quaint village of Ano Meria. Run by a local family and highly recommended on several travel sites, we came hungry for their famed matsata and cheese pies.




It was our first time trying matsata, the island’s speciality dish consisting of fresh pasta (tagliatelle) with a red sauce and chicken, rabbit or goat. We had our matsata with chicken that afternoon and were not disappointed.


Because we came during an off-time (in between the busier lunch and dinner times), we were the only ones there but we didn’t mind. It gave us a chance to look around. You’ll quickly feel like you’re at your granny’s house with the old photographs and antiques decorating the inside. And while Mimi herself, the owner and chef, doesn’t speak any English (much like our own grannies), you get by (much like with our own grannies).




We recommend this spot after a long day on one of the island’s tucked-away beaches.


Mimis Ano Meria– Folegandros, Greece – Tel: +30 22860 41377

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