The Wind’s Direction

Folegandros is a charming Greek Island in the Cyclades that we spent a few days exploring during our honeymoon. It’s one of those islands where everyone literally knows everyone, including all the tourists who you bump into quite regularly on the beaches or restaurants.

That’s precisely what drew us to the island: you get the beauty of untouched beaches and a small village warmth with a tranquility you can’t get on other more touristy (or commercial) islands. It was a perfect escape!



On our first morning, we came across Nicolas’ Restaurant –  also a quaint cafe by day with delicious local breakfast at very affordable prices. The place is full of character and little knick-knacks all around to keep you busy looking (or playing with) while you wait for your meal.





The friendly and dynamic owner Nicolas Michailidis (an electrical engineer, can’t you tell?) quickly got to talking with us, sharing tips about getting around the island and indulging our curiosity about his restaurant. He has really gone over-and-above to make his restaurant a tourist-friendly spot with free wifi, a phone charging station and hand-made guides in all languages about the island featuring little known facts such as that while there are 75 churches on the tiny island, there only 2 doctors in case of any emergencies.



The direction of the wind determines the tide and where on the island it’s best to go swimming that day, so to make that easier for his customers, there’s a dial you can check to plan accordingly.



We felt so welcome at Nicolas’ Restaurant and learned so much about an island not typically written about or promoted much in tourist guides – and we kind of hope it remains that way.

Nicolas Restaurant

  • Chora, Cerca Plaza Mayor – Folegandros, Greece
  • Tel: +30 22860 41226
  • Open: April – October

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