Here, Lassi!

The best place to try out a Lassi in Kathmandu is at this little shop within the popular Ason Tole shopping district in Thamel. The first time I had a Lassi in Nepal was actually at this place, following a friend’s recommendation to try it there.


The fact that it was so full with people was added assurance that it was a good place to try out and I understood better why after my first sip – it was delicious! We stood with the locals that hot sunny day and enjoyed the refreshing sweet drink before continuing on to Durbar Square nearby.

Although I don’t remember the exact address, it’s located at one of the main squares in that area and I’m sure you shouldn’t have a hard time finding it if you ask around. The shop is always crowded and people stand all around its window, mingling with each other as they savor the yoghurt drink.



It’s also very affordable at only 25 Rupees for a small glass and 40 Rupees for a larger one. Usually, and as the locals do, you drink it there on the spot and just return the glass once you’re done (which reduces paper or plastic cup waste in an already overly-polluted city).


Check out this short video someone shared of locals having a Lassi outside this same shop. Whoever filmed it also agrees that it’s the best place to have a Lassi in Kathmandu!


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