1905 Farmer’s Market

I curiously stumbled into the 1905 Restaurant‘s Farmer’s Market on accident one day while strolling through the outer roads of Thamel.

The market was buzzing with both foreigners and locals selling home-made, organic food in little booths organized neatly around a tranquil outdoor garden. The prices are a bit more expensive there than elsewhere in the city but you can find higher quality items to add to your dishes or to take home as souvenirs, like yak cheese, candles and homemade chap-sticks.




It was a little piece of heaven to sit there after experiencing all the hectic noise of the city. You feel removed from all that in this little garden and can try out interesting delicacies that support local farmers and businesses.




The 1905 Restaurant itself is a bit posh but their Farmer’s Market is certainly something worth checking out during your trip to Nepal. You’ll have a chance to meet plenty of other international travelers and expats there as well.



Visit the Famer’s Market on Saturdays from 10am until 12pm.

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