Daily Offerings

Canangs are daily offerings for the spirits of Bali that express gratitude towards good Gods while warding off evil ones. You’ll come across these curious little hand-woven baskets made of banana leaves throughout the island. Their content includes an assortment of coloured flowers, rice and incense, but it’s not uncommon to find in them money, candy, biscuits and even cigarettes too. Every day new baskets with fresh flowers and gifts replace yesterday’s offerings.


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Ice Cream in a Box

We spotted this street vendor by Lakeside in Pokhara preparing ice cream for some local children surrounding his cart. We watched as he twisted, turned and tapped on the silver aluminum containers housing this yellow popsicle-like treat.


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First Rice

At around 6 months of age, a Nepali baby will receive a special ceremony similar to a baptism, but one more closely tied to Nepalese traditions and beliefs. This celebration, aptly referred to as “The First Rice” ceremony brings together all members of the baby’s family as well as everyone in the village.


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Mind Your Left Hand

I never really consciously thought about my hands or what they were doing on a daily basis until I arrived in Nepal. How many of us do really? Well, I knew I was right-handed and wore watches on my left hand like everyone else, but that’s where the distinction ended for me. How I used them (to drive, eat, carry things, etc) was simple a matter of what needed to be done and which hand was simply closer. Continue reading “Mind Your Left Hand”

Everyone’s “Day3a”

Anyone who’s originally from Lebanon will have a “day3a” (or village in English) from where they are from. With many families, the biggest clue for which village they may be from is in their last names.

Lebanese people also hold a very romantic, almost protective, approach when it comes to their “day3a”s. Your day3a is regarded as that place where you can reconnect with your roots and escape the hustle-and-bustle of daily life.


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