Nepal Ice vs Everest

The top-selling brands of locally-brewed beers in Nepal are: Everest and Nepal Ice. You’ll find both sold in most restaurants and pubs in the capital although prices will vary based on how posh the place is (aka tourist-centric).

Which Nepali beer is your favorite?

I had my first Nepali beer over buffalo momos at Yangling Tibetan Restaurant, a family-run place that also happen to serve the best momos in town.┬áNaturally after recommendations friends gave me about trying Everest beer, I went for a chilly bottle of it that night. Now although it certainly hit the spot over the spicy meal, my favorite by the end of the trip was Nepal Ice for its richer flavor. For some reason, Everest tasted a bit too similar to the Lebanese beer Almaza so it didn’t strike me as that special.

If you’re into darker ales, then definitely grab yourself a Nepal Ice but if you’re more into sweeter or lighter beers, then Everest is your friend. Keep in mind that the standard glass bottles sold in most restaurants within Thamel are quite large, accommodating around two full beer cups in one. I tend to share mine with someone else on the table as I get light-headed quickly.

What’s actually quite interesting about the two beers is the distinction between the target audiences each seems to be focussed on. While Everest beer clearly targets Western trekkers and tourists, Nepal Ice distinguishes itself as the nation’s pride by including young locals in their ads rather than foreigners.

Everest beer label with a Western-looking mountain climber targets the trekkers braving the mountains in Nepal and seeking refreshment after an exhaustive climb.
“Cool” and “Chill” are key words in Nepal Ice’s ad campaigns that target the trendy Nepali youth and locals.

Whichever beer you prefer from the two, one thing is certain: beer tastes better in the country of the world’s highest mountain-top. You can’t get any cooler than that! That’s at least one thing they both have in common when it comes to their branding: a glowing image of Mt. Everest.

If you’re into international beer brands and finding the best ones during your travels, check out AFAR magazine’s recent article on the subject:

Image Source: AFAR’s Facebook Page

What’s your favorite international beer and would you add any other beers to their list? For starters, I’d add Nepal Ice to it, how about you?

One reply to “Nepal Ice vs Everest

  1. One important thing to take into account is the relative strengths of the beers. Everest is 5% (and the figure on the label is a Sherpa) whilst Nepal Ice comes in at a whopping 7% and although gorgeous, needs treating with respect. Gorkha Beer is also a very respectable alternative to Everest.

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