(Fish)Guts and Glory

Playa Piskado (Also known as Playa Grandi) is a favorite spot for swimming with sea turtles. It’s a surreal experience to be able to swim so close to them and while touching them is forbidden, you can get pretty close even within shallow waters.

The turtles are protected in this area and even have their own names. In case you spot one, you can easily identify it on a poster hung along the shack right by the beach. They have funny names like Pointy, Sharkbite, One Eyed Bandit and Hook. Our biggest regret that trip was not taking our underwater camera along as otherwise would have shown you the ones we met.

This beach in Westpunt is also known for the fishermen who can be spotted catching fish off their boats early in the mornings and then cleaning them in open view before selling at the markets.


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No frills or fuss, but a whole lot of personality.

“Just ask for Maguy” was all I had to go by on my quest for the quaint shack rumored to serve the best seafood in Batroun. I was intrigued, and surely enough, that was all I needed to find it. Everyone in the coastal village knows Chez Maguy’s and some of the friendly locals will even accompany you there if you’re not from town.

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