The Hug

These salt-and-pepper shakers seem to be everywhere but for some reason I found a bit of a visual correlation between them and the cultural dressing among opposite sexes in Saudi Arabia. Just for fun. The woman is in black and the man in white. For those who aren’t familiar, it is customary in Saudi for … Continue reading The Hug

Black Wrapping

As the plane was taxiing upon arrival at Jeddah airport, I looked around me, curiously. When would I need to put the abaya on? Would there be an alert, next to the “non-smoking” and “buckle up” ones? Wait for the “abaya on” sign to flash before proceeding to cover up. That would be helpful. My … Continue reading Black Wrapping

The Return

Few people know this about me, but I was born in Saudi Arabia while my parents were living there back in the 80s. Why on earth would I want to go there now? A connection to my vague childhood there? Curiosity? Both I guess and for only three days, I should get a good taste … Continue reading The Return