“LeCool Changed My Life”

Alternative and artsy travel guidebooks are in and they’re here to replace your traditional run-of-the-mill ones that, let’s admit, are usually generic, bulky and boring.

One of my favorites was picked up while studying in Barcelona last summer by the title of “Le Cool Changed My Life: A Weird and Wonderful Guide to Barcelona“. Besides being simply gorgeous to look though because of its well-designed and quirky spreads, it’s about the size of your palm and shows you a different side of the city.

So if you really want to take advantage of the Spanish city and avoid the beaten track that most tourists will traverse (bye-bye fanny pack and long lines!), then definitely grab one of these guides and discover a different side of the city as shared by its hip locals.

[ Images Source: LECOOL / Barcelona ]
LeCool also publishes these full-of-personality, collectible city guides for: MadridLisbonLondon and Amsterdam. The best way to describe this series of guides is that it’s essentially The guidebook for people who hate guidebooks” (review by The Guardian).
For weekly updates on events and happenings in several European cities, check out the main LeCool website.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Isabelle's Blog says:

    Totally could have used this in barca and will have to pick it up next time I go

  2. Madagascar says:

    I won t forget to view your blog when I prepare a trip to the Spanish City. I hope it will be sooner.

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