Brotha’ from Anotha’ Motha’

5 thoughts on “Brotha’ from Anotha’ Motha’”

  1. The ‘rass’ part in the colloquial ban name refers to the penis. Now, since this was a traditional kind of sweets brought from Turkey in the early beginnings of the last century, the sweet itself was made wholly in reference to the male genitalia of a black person; who’s called ‘slave’ in formal Arabic, or ‘A’abid’ (Arabic: عبد).

    Eating the sweet itself was a sexually-inclined act of getting its powers, hence slaves at those pre-colonial times symbolised strength and power, and this sweet was filled with the white creamy stuff that yes, you’ve guessed it… resembles semen.

    1. Oh wow! How.. interesting. Thanks for sharing, though I had no idea of there was such sexual connotation behind the dessert. Knowing this now, I cannot regard it in the same way anymore – not that the racially-offensive name itself wasn’t bad enough (well, until they rebranded it to “Tarboush” not too long ago). I’m curious: How did you come about all this information? You seem to have thorough insight on the origin of things local/regional.

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