Vespa and the World

Vespas are by far the most photogenic and flirtatious modes of transport out there. And they know it. Oftentimes it even appears like they are posing for a shot and definitely love the attention. It might appear strange to describe a motorbike like this, but I doubt I’m the only one.

While searching online for travel photography, I’ve come to notice how worldly Vespas are and how characteristic of certain cities they tend to be. They are a very commonly seen in cities by the Mediterranean but their charm doesn’t end there. It’s hard not to admire them or to associate them with the travel/free-spirited lifestyle in and of themselves.

Check out some our favorite photographs of Vespas from around the world:

Orchard Road in Singapore. Photograph by Jen Xi

Lyon, France. Photograph by Raphaël

Bavaria, Germany. Photograph by Martin Kühn

Verona, Italy. Photograph by Nicolas Emery

Frankfurt, Germany. Photography by Martin Kühn

Randolph Street in Chicago, Illinois. Photograph by Seth Anderson

Berlin, Germany. Photograph by Verena Fischer

Paris, France. Photography by AJ Bufalino

Turin, Italy. Photograph by Stefano Bellante (Click on image to see original)

Toronto, Ontario (Canada). Photograph by Roger Cullman

Williamsburg, NYC. Photograph via The Late Adopter

Rome, Italy. Photograph by Sholmo2000

Valencia, Spain. Photograph by Stijn Hosdez

Bangkok, Thailand. Photograph by เสือโคร่ง

Madrid, Spain. Photograph by Reflexif

Do you also have some cool photographs of Vespas? Share them with us to add to this collection!

One comment

  1. Such a beautiful mode of transport! Some lovely imagery here!

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